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Live | How to Serve Millions of Consistent Transactions Per Day

Published Wednesday, Jun 30, 2021

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Form3 is fintech company building the future of payment technology in the cloud, on top of CockroachDB. We are excited to have Kevin Holditch (Head of Platform Engineering) and Sam Owens (Senior Engineer) from Form3 join us to talk about how they reliably (and consistently) process millions of consistent financial transactions every day.

The conversation will cover all the data concerns for payment services, but we’ll be sure to address the following topics:

  • Active/active applications running across multiple clouds
  • Best practices for managing transactions at scale
  • The challenges and risks of outdated infrastructure

This session will be around 30 minutes long (but could go longer). And, as always, there is no script! It’s meant to be a free-flowing, thought-provoking discussion, and questions from the audience always make it better. So please bring your questions!


Jim Walker
Jim Walker
VP of Product Marketing
Cockroach Labs
Kevin Holditch
Kevin Holditch
Head of Platform Engineering
Sam Owens
Sam Owens
Senior Engineer


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