The Cockroach Hour: How MUX Guarantees High Availability with Multi-Region Architecture

Published Wednesday, Jul 14, 2021

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Managing Kubernetes clusters across multiple regions and clouds presents a handful of incredibly complex challenges. In this livestream with Adam Brown, co-founder, and head of infrastructure at Mux, we’ll talk through how they tackle these issues to deliver video streaming APIs for developers. 

Mux supports some of the most popular video streaming applications, such as Vimeo and Wistia and in this conversation, we’re going to unpack their infrastructure (and their use of CockroachDB) to learn more about how they address key multi-region challenges like:

  • Guaranteeing high availability for distributed data
  • Keeping p90 latency under 10 milliseconds 
  • Complying with data regulations for a global user base

The session should run about a half-hour. But Mux has made a lot of very interesting decisions for us to ask about and we expect great audience questions….so it could run a little longer. Looking forward to seeing you there. 

P.S. If you aren’t using Mux already you should check it out. Developers love it.


Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly
Sr. Technical Content Marketing Manager
Cockroach Labs
Adam Brown
Adam Brown
Co-Founder & Head of Infrastructure
Adam Storm
Adam Storm
Director of Engineering
Cockroach Labs


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