The Cockroach Hour: Data Issues and Isolation Levels - The Dirty (Read) Secret of Databases

Published Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020

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Dirty reads, phantom reads, write skew, ACID rain… These are often overlooked, but troubling data issues that might plague your database. Each is important to comprehend so you can know what and how data can be wrong in your database. 

More importantly, are you familiar with isolation levels in a database and the potential problems for each setting?
In this session, we walk through a definition of each of these potential data issues and then map them to isolation levels.  We will then speak to how CockroachDB delivers serializable isolation in a distributed environment to ensure these issues won’t plague your application.
SIDEBAR: The Cockroach Hour
A regular discussion with experts on key topics facing organizations as we all transition to a new digital norm. You bring the questions and we’ll provide experts and a lighthearted and hopefully valuable hour of discussion.


Jim Walker
Jim Walker
VP of Product Marketing
Cockroach Labs

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