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The Cockroach Hour: CockroachDB, Kubernetes and Operators

1pm EDT / 10am PDT / 7pm CET
November 18, 2020
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It seems everywhere you turn, someone is talking Kubernetes, but how many data-intensive workloads are deployed there today?  What’s holding them back? Resources? Complexity? Legacy tech?

Legacy databases were simply not designed to be distributed, hence the emergence of DistributedSQL. CockroachDB is the ONLY database designed for Kubernetes and is the right DBMS for this new cloud-native world. And with the recent release of our Kubernetes operator, we’ve made managing the database even easier. We will cover:

  • The challenges of databases on Kubernetes
  • Why a distributed database simply fits with Kubernetes
  • The CockroachDB operator and how it's different than the rest
  • How we architected native scale and resilience in a database

Come join us and hear why Kelsey Hightower tweeted, “CockroachDB is to Spanner what Kubernetes is to Borg.”


SIDEBAR: The Cockroach Hour

A regular discussion with experts on key topics facing organizations as we all transition to a new digital norm. You bring the questions and we’ll provide experts and a lighthearted and hopefully valuable hour of discussion.

You're in Good Company

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Jim Walker
VP of Product Marketing
Cockroach Labs
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Keith McClellan
Partner Solutions Engineering
Cockroach Labs
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John Kendall
Product Manager
Cockroach Labs

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