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NOT another comparison? Distributed Relational vs the Document Model

Published Wednesday, Mar 23, 2022

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There are tons of articles and webinars comparing the relational and document models. For a while it was actually pretty easy to understand the differences between the two models and to determine when to use each one. That was before the Spanner paper…and before Distributed SQL had time to mature and muddy the water.

(Distributed) Relational Model vs Document Store

Distributed SQL brings the best of the relational model (think referential integrity, joins, and normalization) together with all the cool features of a Document store, namely: availability, ease of scale, and geographic coverage.  So how do we compare these two approaches today and which tool is right for which job?

Please join us in this livestream, where we’ll welcome Norberto Leite, a former evangelist at MongoDB and currently a staff engineer at Auth0, to talk and think through the differences.

Explicitly we’ll talk about all things ‘distributed relational vs document stores’ and provide: 

  • A comparison of relational models and document stores within the context of distributed systems
  • The challenges and trade-offs implicit with relational models and document stores
  • Where it makes sense to use a relational model, and where it makes sense to use a document store

Is there a chance that this talk gets kind of spicy? Definitely, maybe. Will we declare a winner at the end? No, but we probably should. Please bring your hard-hitting questions. Challenge these speakers with your own ideas and your own experiences with SQL vs NoSQL. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


Jim Walker
Jim Walker
Principal Product Evangelist
Cockroach Labs
Norberto Leite
Norberto Leite
Staff Engineer

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