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Webinar shines light on choosing a startup tech stack

Published Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Choosing the right tech stack as a startup saves time, money, and headaches down the road. It’s a crucial choice that impacts the engineering team and the company for years to come. is a fast growing startup with a rapidly expanding customer base. They needed a scalable backend to support their security platform and ensure availability of their customers' data. 

In this livestream, with’s Dan Hertz and Evan Fuller, we’ll discuss the considerations for selecting their tech stack and how CockroachDB is helping them:

  • Scale to meet growing customer demand
  • Deploy the application across multiple regions
  • Increase the resiliency of their platform
  • Reduce engineering overhead by consuming the DB as a service

This conversation will be valuable for any startup leader thinking about how to pick the right technologies to scale their platform to meet future growth.


Jim Walker
Jim Walker
Principal Product Evangelist
Cockroach Labs
Dan Hertz
Dan Hertz
Software Engineering Manager
Nightfall AI
Evan Fuller
Evan Fuller
Nightfall AI
Platform Engineer

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