How to ensure an ideal customer experience no matter what image

How to ensure an ideal customer experience no matter what

Published Tuesday, Apr 26, 2022

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Finleap Connect has built the leading European fintech ecosystem, enabling organizations across banking, accounting, and lending to provide next-gen, mobile-first financial services to their customers. Key to their success has been providing a world-class customer experience. 

In this livestream, we will talk to Christian Hüning, Director of Technology Cloud & Switchkit at Finleap Connect, about the challenges of scaling IT infrastructure including migrating their entire platform to a cloud-native architecture, whilst ensuring a high-quality customer experience. 

Some of the points we will cover:

  • The advantages of being Cloud agnostic
  • The how and why of deploying across a multi-cloud / hybrid (including multi-cloud Kubernetes)
  • The top tech Integrations Finleap Connect use to optimize operations


Daniel Holt
Daniel Holt
Director of Solutions Engineering
Cockroach Labs
 Christian Hüning
Christian Hüning
Director of Technology
Finleap Connect

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