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How to Build a Multi-Cloud Database Cluster

Published Wednesday, Jun 8, 2022

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In today’s world, customers expect applications and data to be available when they need it all the time, every time. 

Building applications across multi-clouds can be a route to high availability and high customer satisfaction. During this interactive session, Adam will walk through the key steps in building a multi-cloud database cluster and demonstrate how you can effortlessly scale and achieve high resilience. 

During this session, Adam will cover: 

  • high-level architecture 
  • identify key components from cloud stacks
  • the steps you need to take, starting with VPCs and regions
  • A demo of scaling and resilience 

CockroachDB delivers a cloud-native Distributed SQL database. It provides effortless scale, bulletproof resilience, and guarantees transactions using a familiar SQL interface. It gives you local latencies even at global scale. We’d love for you to join us and see how it works!


Adam Spindler
Adam Spindler
Solutions Engineer
Cockroach Labs

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