Data Management for Multi-Cloud image

Data Management for Multi-Cloud

Published Wednesday, Jul 22, 2020

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Future-proof your IT investment without proprietary data management lock-in for multi-cloud with CockroachDB, a cloud-native distributed SQL database on OpenShift. Leverage this modern SQL database to modernize your infrastructure to achieve scale and efficiencies.

Experts from Red Hat and Cockroach Labs will discuss the following:
  • How to simplify deployment and management of data intense cloud applications in both simple, single data center environments and complex, multi-cloud architectures.
  • Promise effortless scale and bulletproof resilience for both compute and the database
  • How CockroachDB and Red Hat OpenShift combine to deliver a pure cloud-native, approach to modern development


Jim Walker
Jim Walker
VP of Product Marketing
Cockroach Labs
Stephane Matis
Stephane Matis
Senior Solutions Architect
Red Hat


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