Developer Experience: Building a Multi-Region App on CockroachCloud

Published Wednesday, Mar 4, 2020

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Developer Experience: Building a Multi-Region App on CockroachCloud

One the world's biggest manufacturers of electronic access control systems, serving airports, hospitals, government buildings, banks and schools, was an early adopter of the fully managed CockroachCloud. They have built a multi-region application that runs in multiple countries.
In this technical conversation, Cloud Developer David López Becerra will be speaking with CockroachCloud General Manager Lakshmi Kannan to share his experiences developing on CockroachCloud, including: 
  • Challenges building a global application
  • An overview of their CockroachCloud setup
  • Advice for other developers who want to build multi-region applications


David López Becerra
David López Becerra
Cloud Developer
Lakshmi Kannan
Lakshmi Kannan
General Manager
CockroachCloud at Cockroach Labs
Meagan Goldman
Meagan Goldman
Product Marketing
Cockroach Labs

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