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When & Why: Cassandra vs. CockroachDB

Published Thursday, Apr 23, 2020

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Apache Cassandra has become a core element of most modern data architectures.  It scales and allows you to get data where you need it for some distributed workloads. It was architected to meet these requirements but traded speed of access for other characteristics. So, not every distributed workload fits Cassandra. 

What happens with Cassandra when you need transactional consistency or continuous updates to your application data? These workloads require a database that not only delivers effortless scale but will also deliver transactional guarantees. This is where CockroachDB fits.
In this webinar, we will walk through workloads and where each database can deliver value for your workloads by walking through:
  • Key architectural differences between Cassandra and CockroachDB
  • When to pick CockroachDB over Cassandra
  • How CockroachDB can deliver on your “system of record” requirements


Jim Walker
Jim Walker
VP, Product Marketing
Cockroach Labs
Keith McClellan
Keith McClellan
Director, Technical Business Development
Cockroach Labs

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