How to Build an Always-On Production Mentality & Engineering Culture

Published Thursday, Apr 16, 2020

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Engineers are great at building things.  They code, they test, they deliver. But what about production?  What about supporting your application as it runs as-a-service? 

With always-on customer SLAs and immediate response expected, an engineer’s role in uptime and resolving customer issues is more important than ever. At Cockroach Labs, we are experiencing this shift, and will share what we have learned building a culture of collaboration between software engineering and SRE/devops.
Please join our team while we discuss lessons learned and best practices we have developed as we make our way through this transition. Joining the discussion will be: 
  • Lakshmi Kannan, General Manager of CockroachCloud
  • Joel Kenny, SRE
  • Jordan Lewis, Engineering Manager


Lakshmi Kannan
Lakshmi Kannan
General Manager of CockroachCloud
Cockroach Labs
Joel Kenny
Joel Kenny
Cockroach Labs
Jordan Lewis
Jordan Lewis
Engineering Manager
Cockroach Labs

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