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Build Series for Startups

Published Thursday, May 5, 2022

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Two of our favorite things combined: Learning about fellow startups building innovative tech and building with LEGO® bricks. 

From auto-scale blockchain infrastructure to drone delivery services to sustainable gaming studios, we are continuously amazed by the products our startup customers are building, and how quickly they are delivering them. Join us to showcase your own MVP and hear from others that are doing the same – you might even learn something new! 

A LEGO®-certified professional will guide us through a few brick builds and answer any questions you have about LEGO® Brick Experts. 

If you’ve got other members in your household that are LEGO® brick-obsessed, invite them too! 


  • Intro to the session and what you can expect to build
  • Share stories with like-minded startups 
  • Guided build time with Graeme Dymond, from Dymond Bricks, a LEGO® Certified Professional
  • Open build time and AMA with Graeme Dymond

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please register by April 25th, so that we can ship your LEGO® bricks.

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