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How to build a payments system that scales to infinity

1pm EDT / 10am PDT
Tuesday, Aug 30, 2022

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Imagine your favorite food truck’s payments provider goes down while you and a long line of other hungry people wait impatiently to get lunch and get back to your desk. 

Everybody, from SaaS applications to retailers, to your favorite food truck, has to deal with payments. But architecting a system that can deal with payments at scale can be challenging. That’s because some payments system requirements are complex, including the following:

  • Payments often don’t matter much beyond the 60-90 seconds during which a payment transaction takes place. However, because the lamp you ordered is badly damaged, you’re going to return it, so the payments data needs to remain available forever.
  • Successful businesses generate a lot of payments data as they scale. Storing all of this data and keeping it available without bogging down the application is a challenge.
  • Consistency and correctness are critical. Customers (and auditors) are not forgiving when it comes to money.
  • Availability is critical. Even a small amount of downtime could mean a lot of lost revenue for a big company or a loss of early adopters for a small startup. 

In this webinar Alex Lunev, a 16 year veteran of Fintech (Square, Blackrock, Varo) will discuss how payments work, what different traditional payments systems look like, and how to build systems that can meet all of the above requirements.

We will be giving away 20 physical copies of O’Reilly’s “CockroachDB: The Definitive Guide” to the first live attendees on the webinar! Currently only shipping to North America and Europe at this time.


Alex Lunev
Alex Lunev
Cockroach Labs
Director of Engineering
Jim Walker
Jim Walker
Cockroach Labs
Principal Product Evangelist

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