Support Services

To the extent your agreement with Cockroach Labs includes Support Services which expressly refer to this Support Policy, this Support Policy is incorporated into and forms part of that agreement, and Cockroach Labs will provide you the Support Services described herein. If your Order with Cockroach Labs specifies that you have an active Enterprise subscription, then Cockroach Labs will provide you with Enterprise Services; otherwise, Cockroach Labs will provide you with Essentials Subscription Services only. All Support Services are generally available during Service Hours and are provided through the Support Center in English. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in the Initial Response times or in this Support Policy guarantees full resolution of a reported Issue. Cockroach Labs may update this Support Policy from time to time by posting those updates to this page. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the definitions specified in your agreement with Cockroach Labs.

Support Initial Response Times

Target Initial Response times to Support Requests are set forth in Table 1, below:

Issue Priority Target Initial Response Time
Essentials Subscription Enterprise Subscription
Priority 1 1 Service Hour 0.5 Service Hours
Priority 2 4 Business Hours 2 Business Hours
Priority 3 8 Business Hours 8 Business Hours
Priority 4 12 Business Hours 12 Business Hours

Table 1

Please note the following:

  • Support Requests for Issues arising under a Development License do not qualify for treatment as Priority 1 or Priority 2.
  • All Support Requests submitted for credit card-only customers will be designated as Priority 4.

Additional Enterprise Subscription Offerings

An Enterprise Subscription includes the following:

  • Designated Customer Success Manager
  • Dedicated Slack channel access
  • Advisory Technical Services (Limited to two days per month maximum)

In addition to these offerings, an Enterprise Subscription is required for access to root cause analysis and reviews.

Requirements for Support Services

In order to provide the Support Services, Cockroach Labs requires that: (i) Support Requests include sufficient information and data to allow Cockroach Labs to readily reproduce all reported Issues, (ii) you provide Cockroach Labs with access to your personnel, equipment, systems, and data, as may be reasonably required by Cockroach Labs, (iii) you document and report all detected Issues to Cockroach Labs, and (iv) you reasonably cooperate in the diagnosis and resolution of the reported Issue. You acknowledge and agree Cockroach Labs will not be responsible for any limitations in its ability to provide Support Services which result from your failure to adhere to the foregoing requirements (as applicable).

You agree that you will properly and sufficiently train personnel in respect of the supported products, and that you will expressly identify and appoint a reasonable number of such trained individuals to serve as primary contacts for use of the Support Services (the “Authorized Contacts”). All use of the Support Services will only be initialized by the Authorized Contacts.


Cockroach Labs does not provide Support Services for Issues arising from: (i) use of any unsupported versions of Cockroach Labs software as per the Cockroach Labs Release Support Policy available at; (ii) any software or hardware or combinations with software or hardware not supplied or approved in writing by Cockroach Labs; (iii) modifications, integrations, or additions to CockroachDB implemented by anyone other than Cockroach Labs; (iv) any failure to adhere to your applicable agreements with Cockroach Labs or any applicable Cockroach Labs-published best practices or documentation; (v) Beta Features; or (vi) any non-Cockroach Labs negligence, misconduct, misuse, or willfully bad acts.


“Business Hours” means: (a) for Essentials Subscription customers, Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 Eastern US Time on Business Days or (b) for Enterprise Subscription customers, from Monday 04:00 UTC to Saturday 00:00 UTC; in each case, excluding recognized regional holidays.

“Enterprise Subscription Services” means the Support Services described in this Support Policy, including the offerings listed under the section titled “Additional Enterprise Subscription Offerings,” and subject to the target Initial Response Times listed in Table 1 under “Enterprise Subscription.”

“Essentials Subscription Services” means the Support Services described in this Support Policy, excluding the offerings listed under the section titled “Additional Enterprise Subscription Offerings,” and subject to the target Initial Response Times listed in Table 1 under “Essentials Subscription.”

“Initial Response” means an initial response back to a Support Center request which, at a minimum, acknowledges receipt of the request.

“Issue” means a failure of CockroachDB to perform in substantial conformity with the Documentation.

“Priority 1” means a production system or major application in production is completely unavailable or seriously impacted/degraded with no reasonable workaround.

“Priority 2” means a critical system is impacted in a way that could cause significant business impact if not corrected, and there is no reasonable workaround.

“Priority 3” means a system or application is moderately impacted but is operating within acceptable service levels, or a reasonable workaround exists to keep the system operating within acceptable service levels.

“Priority 4” means an Issue that is not Priority 1, Priority 2, or Priority 3 (generally, non-critical issues, general questions, or enhancement requests).

“Support Center” means the Cockroach Labs online support portal available at .

“Service Hours” means twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week, including recognized regional holidays.

“Support Policy” means this CockroachDB Support Policy.

“Support Request” means a request for support that is submitted to the Support Center.

“Support Services” means the product and services support that Cockroach Labs has agreed to provide to you.

“Workaround” means a method which can be used by you to avoid an Issue without substantially impairing your use of the Software or Services.