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Deliver optimal performance & remain globally compliant

Delivering consistent application performance to geo-distributed users can be challenging. Furthermore, rapidly evolving data regulations like the GDPR can make serving those customers fraught with risk. CockroachDB delivers excellent application performance to distributed users while enabling compliance with regional data regulations.


Place Data Near Your Users for Optimal Performance

Deliver an excellent user experience to your customers around the world. CockroachDB can span geo-distributed data centers without sacrificing performance or data integrity, giving your customers a lightning-fast, high quality experience.


Move data closer to your customers

Data proximity provides enormous performance benefits. CockroachDB can be deployed across data centers, regions, and continents, giving your customers the very best experience.

Expand into new markets with hybrid deployments

Don’t let growing demand in a new geography slow you down. CockroachDB can be deployed across private and public clouds, enabling rapid expansion.

Kindred uses CockroachDB to reduce global user latency and comply with international regulatory requirements.

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The easiest way to maintain compliance with global data regulations

Keep customer data where it needs to be. With CockroachDB’s policy-based data controls like geo-partitioning, serving customers in ever-changing geopolitical environments has never been easier or more affordable.


Prevent Systems from Copying Data Out of the Country

Easily create controls to prevent systems from inadvertently copying data out of its allowed country or region.

Control Data Residency at the Row-Level

Implement table and row-level policies that dictate where a user’s data resides using CockroachDB’s geo-partitioning.

Enable Privacy-by-Design

Control which users have access to PII and other sensitive data within your system.


Use intelligent routing to move data closer to demand

Automatically detect pockets of activity across geographies and move data closer to where it is needed without operator intervention.

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