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Give your data a location

Whether you need to tie data to a location for performance or compliance, CockroachDB is the only database that provides this capability.


House data close to your customers

Deliver an excellent user experience to customers around the world. CockroachDB decreases latency by storing data close to your customers, even when they’re traveling.


Reduce latencies

With a distributed SQL database it is imperative that you can tie data to locations so you can reduce global latencies and meet your customer expectations for performance.

Remain globally compliant

For every row of data you can define a physical location for where it needs to be stored, allowing you to meet many privacy and compliance measures across the globe.

Kindred uses CockroachDB to reduce global user latency and comply with international regulatory requirements.

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Residency control and intelligent detection of locality

CockroachDB is the only database that gives you control over where your data lives. In addition, locality awareness is built into CockroachDB from the ground up to optimize performance.


Row-level data residency control

Implement table and row-level policies that dictate where a user’s data resides.

Locality-aware cost-based optimizer

Serve low-latency, consistent, current reads from the closest data.

Follower reads

Serve low-latency, consistent, historical reads from the closest replica of data.


Use intelligent routing to move data closer to demand

Automatically detect pockets of activity across geographies and move data closer to where it is needed without operator intervention.

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