When traffic spikes, apps fail. Is your architecture ready?

/*In this practical guide written by a distributed systems expert, learn how to build apps that scale to handle unpredictable traffic with zero downtime for customers.*/

What you'll learn

How to measure and improve availability

How to utilize data partitioning

How to start architecting for scale

What's inside:

  • Availability Versus Reliability
  • What Causes Poor Availability?
  • Measuring Availability
    • The Nines
    • Planned Outages Are Still Outages
    • Availability by the Numbers
  • Improving Your Availability When It Slips
    • Measure and Track Your Current Availability
    • Automate Your Manual Processes
    • Improve Your Systems
    • Keep on Top of Availability in Your Changing and Growing Application
  • Five Focuses to Improve Application Availability
    • Focus #1: Build with Failure in Mind
    • Focus #2: Always Think About Scaling
    • Focus #3: Mitigate Risk
    • Focus #4: Monitor Availability
    • Focus #5: Respond to Availability Issues in a Predictable and Defined Way
  • Being Prepared
  • Stateless Services—Services Without Data
  • Stateful Services—Services with Data
  • Data Partitioning
  • Timely Handling of Growing Pains
  • Six Levels of Cloud Maturity
    • Level 1: Experimenting with the Cloud
    • Level 2: Securing the Cloud
    • Level 3: Using Servers and Applications in the Cloud
    • Level 4: Enabling Value-Added Managed Services
    • Level 5: Enabling Cloud-Unique Services
    • Level 6: Cloud All In
    • Organization Versus Application Maturity Level
  • Cloud Adoption Mistakes
    • Trap #1: Not Trusting Cloud Security
    • Trap #2: Performing Cloud Migration via Lift-and-Shift
    • Trap #3: The Lure of Serverless—Depending Too Much on the Hype
  • When and How to Use Multiple Clouds
    • Defining What We Mean by Multiple Clouds
    • Which Model? Which Cloud?
  • The Cloud in Summary

About the Author

Lee Atchison

Lee Atchison is a software architect, author, public speaker, and recognized thought leader on cloud computing and application modernization. He has more than three decades of industry experience, including seven years at Amazon, where he built the company’s Elastic Beanstalk service. In addition, Lee built Amazon’s first software download store and led its retail website’s early migration to a service-based architecture. Lee also spent eight years at observability software provider New Relic, helping grow the company’s product architecture from early startup stage to the large enterprise SaaS business it is today. Lee is also the author of the operational framework STOSA, which helps companies modernize and scale their organizations in a modern world.

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