Migration Guide: Migrating from Oracle to CockroachDB


What many Oracle customers are finding is that their businesses stand to benefit a great deal from distributed SQL database technologies such as CockroachDB. Distributed and replicated OLTP, multi-datacenter/region deployments, and multi-active read/write support give developers a better set of tools to architect a platform that can meet high customer expectations and leverage the flexibility of the cloud.

So if the case for migrating from Oracle is clear, the question then becomes…how?


What you'll learn

Migration tools
Migration support from AWS DMS, Qlik, Striim, Schema conversion tool, and more.

SQL Compatibility
CockroachDB’s is a fully relational database and uses SQL syntax similar to Oracle.

Migration Examples
Fortune 50 banks, fortune 500 media companies, and SaaS startups.

CockroachDB: Distributed SQL, built for the cloud.

Enterprises and emerging leaders alike trust Go-based CockroachDB.

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