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The Database Evolution

SQL or NoSQL in the Age of
Big Data

How have organizations evolved their SQL and NoSQL database strategies to handle big data?
the database evolution
database evolution report

Only 14% of organizations run
exclusively NoSQL databases on the
backend of their big data applications.

This report covers why and how organizations adapt their SQL
and NoSQL databases in the era of big data. In this report, you will learn:

  • Why ~60% of organizations run a mix of SQL and
    NoSQL databases
    to manage their big data applications
  • How organizations are improving their big data
  • How SQL databases have adapted to support cloud
  • How to choose the right database for your big data
    applications and services

What's In This Report?

In this Trend Report, Dzone surveyed 433 developer and IT organizations to understand how they have adapted their SQL and NoSQL database strategies to extract the most value from their big data applications. The report highlights DZone’s original research on the evaluation and evolution of databases in the big data era. It includes a focus on the big data trends organizations will be investing in over the next two years, as well as a spotlight on the emerging market of cloud-native SQL databases.

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