Automatic CPU Profiler

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New in v23.1: This feature automatically captures CPU profiles, which can make it easier to investigate and troubleshoot spikes in CPU usage or erratic CPU load on certain nodes. A CPU profile shows the functions that use the most CPU time, sampled over a window of time. You can collect a CPU Profile manually on the Advanced Debug page. However, it may be difficult to manually capture a profile of a short CPU spike at the right point in time. Automatic CPU profile capture enables the investigation of CPU load in this and other cases, such as periodic high CPU.


We strongly recommend only using the Automatic CPU Profiler when working directly with the Cockroach Labs support team.


You can configure automatic CPU profile capture with the following cluster settings:

Cluster Setting Description Default Value Recommended Value
server.cpu_profile.enabled Indicates if the Automatic CPU Profiler is on or off. false
server.cpu_profile.cpu_usage_combined_threshold The baseline value for when CPU profiles should be taken. Collect profiles from each node that meets threshold. MAX integer, such as 9223372036854775807 80
server.cpu_profile.interval The period of time after which the high-water mark resets to the baseline value. 5m0s (5 minutes) 1m40s (100 seconds)
server.cpu_profile.duration The length of time a CPU profile is taken. 10s (10 seconds) 1s or 2s
server.cpu_profile.total_dump_size_limit Maximum combined disk size for preserving CPU profiles. 128 MiB (128 Mebibytes)

Enabling automatic CPU profile capture

To enable automatic CPU profile capture, you must set both of the following cluster settings:

  • Set server.cpu_profile.enabled to true
  • Set server.cpu_profile.cpu_usage_combined_threshold to a value between 0 and 100. Preferably, use the recommended value.

Only setting server.cpu_profile.enabled to true will not generate a CPU profile.

  • Set server.cpu_profile.cpu_usage_combined_threshold to 80 for 80%.
  • Set server.cpu_profile.duration to a lower value, for example 1s or 2s. This minimizes the impact of overhead on your cluster compared to the current default value.
  • Set server.cpu_profile.interval to a lower value, for example 1m40s (1 minute 40 seconds).

High-water mark threshold

The Automatic CPU Profiler runs asynchronously in the background. After every second, the Automatic CPU Profiler checks if the CPU usage exceeds the high-water mark threshold. If so, it captures a CPU profile. If a profile capture is already in progress, a second profile is not taken.

The Automatic CPU Profiler uses the configuration options to determine the high-water mark threshold. For example, with duration set to 2s , interval set to 1m40s, and cpu_usage_combined_threshold set to 80:

  • At time0 the CPU usage polled is 82 percent which exceeds the baseline threshold of 80, so a 2s profile is captured and the high-water mark threshold becomes 82.
  • After the 2s profile capture, the Automatic CPU Profiler continues to check every second if the CPU usage now exceeds 82 percent.
  • At time1 the CPU usage polled is 85 percent, another profile is taken for 2s and the high-water mark threshold becomes 85.
  • At time2, the 1m40s interval after time0, the high-water mark threshold is reset to the baseline threshold of 80.
  • The Automatic CPU Profiler continues its every second polling and captures profiles when CPU usage exceeds the high-water mark threshold beginning at the 80 percent baseline.

Accessing CPU profiles

  • The Automatic CPU Profiler saves the captured CPU profiles to disk on each node's file system in the logging directory. The default path is cockroach-data/logs/pprof_dump.
  • The only way to get these CPU profiles is to access the node file system.
  • Enabling the Automatic CPU Profiler does not add CPU profiles to debug zips.


Enabling the automatic CPU profile capture on a cluster will add overhead to the cluster in the form of potential increases in latency and CPU usage.


The decision to enable this feature should be done when advised by the Cockroach Labs support team.

  • Monitor the following metrics:
  • We anticipate a sub-10% regression on these foreground latency metrics. This overhead to your cluster may be deemed acceptable in order to collect CPU profiles that are necessary to troubleshoot problems in your cluster. Please consult with Cockroach Labs Support.
  • Overhead only occurs during profile capture, not when it is idle. If the cluster can tolerate a server.cpu_profile.duration (for example, 1 second) increase in latency to capture the CPU profile, consider enabling the Automatic CPU Profiler.

Do not have the Automatic CPU Profiler enabled by default.

If you enabled the Automatic CPU Profiler and then notice unacceptable overhead to your cluster, we recommend you immediately disable the Automatic CPU Profiler.

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