Export Data with Changefeeds

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Cockroach Labs will stop providing Assistance Support for v22.2 on June 5, 2024. Prior to that date, upgrade to a more recent version to continue receiving support. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

When you create an Enterprise changefeed, you can include the initial_scan = 'only' option to specify that the changefeed should only complete a table scan. The changefeed emits messages for the table scan and then the job completes with a succeeded status. As a result, you can create a changefeed with initial_scan = 'only' to export data out of your database.

The benefits of using changefeeds for this function instead of export, include:

New in v22.2: Changefeeds emit the same CSV format as EXPORT. In v22.1, changefeeds emitted CSV data that wrapped some values in single quotes, which were not wrapped when exporting data with the EXPORT statement.


Export data with changefeeds

To create a changefeed that will only complete an initial scan of a table(s), run the following:

CREATE CHANGEFEED FOR TABLE movr.users INTO '{scheme}://{host}:{port}?{query_parameters}' WITH initial_scan = 'only', format=csv;

The job will return a job ID once it has started. You can use SHOW CHANGEFEED JOBS to check on the status:


When the scan has completed you will find the output shows succeeded in the status field.

Export filtered data with changefeeds


CDC transformations are in preview.

Use CDC transformations with the initial_scan = 'only' option to run a changefeed to export specific columns from your table:

CREATE CHANGEFEED INTO '{scheme}://{host}:{port}?{query_parameters}' 
  WITH initial_scan = 'only', format=csv, schema_change_policy = 'stop' 
  AS SELECT name, city FROM movr.users;

See the Change Data Capture Transformations page for more examples.

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