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CockroachDB v22.1 is no longer supported as of November 24, 2023. For more details, refer to the Release Support Policy.

The Jobs page of the DB Console provides details about long-running tasks performed by your cluster. These can include:

All users can see their own jobs, and admin users can view all jobs performed across all nodes in the cluster.

To view these details, access the DB Console and click Jobs in the left-hand navigation.

Filter jobs

Use the Status menu to filter jobs by job status.

Use the Type menu to filter jobs by type.

You can toggle between showing the latest 50 jobs or all jobs on the cluster.


Jobs are deleted every 14 days. This interval can be changed via the jobs.retention_time cluster setting.

The Jobs list is designed for you to manage pending work. It is not intended to display the canonical record of all jobs that have run. If you need a historical record of all jobs you have run, you should log this information externally.

Jobs list

Use the Jobs list to see your recently created and completed jobs.

The following screenshot shows Import jobs:

DB Console Jobs Page

Column Description
Description SQL statement that created the job.
Status Current job status or completion progress.
Job ID Unique job ID. This value is used to pause, resume, or cancel jobs.
User Name User that created the job.
Creation Time (UTC) Date and time the job was created.
Last Execution Time (UTC) Date and time the job was last executed.
High-water Timestamp A checkpoint for a changefeed job's progress that guarantees that all changes before (or at) the timestamp have been emitted. Hover over the high-water timestamp to view the system time.
Execution Count Number of times the job was executed.

Job status

Status Description
PENDING Job is created but has not started running.
PAUSED Job is paused.
PAUSE-REQUESTED A request has been issued to pause the job. The status will move to PAUSED when the node running the job registers the request.
FAILED Job failed to complete.
SUCCEEDED Job successfully completed.
CANCELED Job was canceled.
CANCEL-REQUESTED A request has been issued to cancel the job. The status will move to CANCELED when the node running the job registers the request.
RUNNING Job is running. A job that is running will be displayed with its percent completion and time remaining, rather than the RUNNING status.
REVERTING Job failed or was canceled and its changes are being reverted.
REVERT-FAILED Job encountered a non-retryable error when reverting the changes. It is necessary to manually clean up a job with this status.
RETRYING Job is retrying another job that failed.

Job details

Click a description on the jobs list to see the full SQL statement that created the job.

The job ID, creation time, user, status, and error messages (if any) are also shown.

DB Console Jobs Page

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