Develop and Deploy a Global Application

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CockroachDB v21.2 is no longer supported as of May 16, 2023. For more details, refer to the Release Support Policy.

This tutorial guides you through developing and deploying a global application built on CockroachDB, using Flask, SQLAlchemy, CockroachDB Cloud, and Google Cloud services.

The following sections make up the tutorial:

  1. MovR: A Global Application Use-case
  2. Create a Multi-region Database Schema
  3. Set up a Virtual Environment for Developing Global Applications
  4. Develop a Global Application
  5. Deploy a Global Application

Throughout the tutorial, we reference the source code for an example web application for the fictional vehicle-sharing company MovR. The source code for this application is open source and available on GitHub, in the movr-flask repository . The code is well-commented, with docstrings defined at the beginning of each class and function definition.

The repo's README also includes instructions on debugging and deploying the application using Google Cloud services. Those instructions are reproduced in Set Up a Virtual Environment for Developing Global Applications and Deploy a Global Application.

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