Build a Simple CRUD Node.js App with CockroachDB and Knex.js

This tutorial shows you how build a simple Node.js application with CockroachDB and Knex.js.

Step 1. Start CockroachDB

  1. If you haven't already, sign up for a CockroachDB Cloud account.
  2. Log in to your CockroachDB Cloud account.
  3. On the Clusters page, click Create Cluster.
  4. On the Create your cluster page, select CockroachDB Serverless.


    This cluster will be free forever.

  5. Click Create your free cluster.

Your cluster will be created in approximately 20-30 seconds.

Once your cluster is created, the Connect to cluster-name dialog displays.

Copy the connection string provided, which will be used in the next steps (and to connect to your cluster in the future).

This connection string contains your password, which will be provided only once. If you forget your password, you can reset it by going to the SQL Users page.

  1. If you haven't already, download the CockroachDB binary.
  2. Run the cockroach start-single-node command:

    $ cockroach start-single-node --advertise-addr 'localhost' --insecure

    This starts an insecure, single-node cluster.


The --insecure flag used in this tutorial is intended for non-production testing only. To run CockroachDB in production, use a secure cluster instead.

Step 2. Get the code

Clone the code's GitHub repo:

$ git clone

Check out the serverless branch:

git checkout serverless

Update the configuration settings in the app.js file using the connection information that you retrieved from the CockroachDB Cloud Console.

Step 3. Run the code

  1. Install the app requirements:

    $ npm install
  2. Run the app:

    $ npm run run

    The output should look like this:

    Initializing accounts table...
    New account balances:
    { id: 'bc0f7136-7103-4dc4-88fc-102d5bbd312f', balance: '1000' }
    { id: '35bde7d0-29c9-4277-a117-3eb80c85ae16', balance: '250' }
    { id: '18cc1b2d-be61-4a8d-942c-480f5a6bc207', balance: '0' }
    Transferring funds...
    New account balances:
    { id: 'bc0f7136-7103-4dc4-88fc-102d5bbd312f', balance: '900' }
    { id: '35bde7d0-29c9-4277-a117-3eb80c85ae16', balance: '350' }
    { id: '18cc1b2d-be61-4a8d-942c-480f5a6bc207', balance: '0' }
    Deleting a row...
    New account balances:
    { id: 'bc0f7136-7103-4dc4-88fc-102d5bbd312f', balance: '900' }
    { id: '18cc1b2d-be61-4a8d-942c-480f5a6bc207', balance: '0' }

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