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CockroachDB v20.2 is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

The crdb_internal system catalog is a schema that contains information about internal objects, processes, and metrics related to a specific database.


We do not recommend using crdb_internal tables in production environments for the following reasons:

  • The contents of crdb_internal are unstable, and subject to change in new releases of CockroachDB, without prior notice.
  • There are memory and latency costs associated with each table in crdb_internal. Accessing the tables in the schema can impact cluster stability and performance.

Data exposed by crdb_internal

Each table in crdb_internal corresponds to an internal object, process, or metric, for a specific database. crdb_internal tables are read-only.

In CockroachDB v20.2, crdb_internal includes the following tables:

Table Description
backward_dependencies Contains information about backward dependencies.
builtin_functions Contains information about supported functions.
cluster_database_privileges Contains information about the database privileges on your cluster.
cluster_queries Contains information about queries running on your cluster.
cluster_sessions Contains information about cluster sessions, including current and past queries.
cluster_settings Contains information about cluster settings.
cluster_transactions Contains information about transactions running on your cluster.
create_statements Contains information about tables and indexes in your database.
create_type_statements Contains information about user-defined types in your database.
databases Contains information about the databases in your cluster.
feature_usage Contains information about feature usage on your cluster.
forward_dependencies Contains information about forward dependencies.
gossip_alerts Contains information about gossip alerts.
gossip_liveness Contains information about your cluster's gossip liveness.
gossip_network Contains information about your cluster's gossip network.
gossip_nodes Contains information about nodes in your cluster's gossip network.
index_columns Contains information about indexed columns in your cluster.
jobs Contains information about jobs running on your cluster.
kv_node_status Contains information about node status at the key-value layer.
kv_store_status Contains information about the key-value store for your cluster.
leases Contains information about leases in your cluster.
node_build_info Contains information about nodes in your cluster.
node_metrics Contains metrics for nodes in your cluster.
node_queries Contains information about queries running on nodes in your cluster.
node_runtime_info Contains runtime information about nodes in your cluster.
node_sessions Contains information about sessions to nodes in your cluster.
node_statement_statistics Contains statement statistics for nodes in your cluster.
node_transaction_statistics Contains transaction statistics for nodes in your cluster.
node_transactions Contains information about transactions for nodes in your cluster.
node_txn_stats Contains transaction statistics for nodes in your cluster.
partitions Contains information about partitions in your cluster.
predefined_comments Contains predefined comments about your cluster.
ranges Contains information about ranges in your cluster.
ranges_no_leases Contains information about ranges in your cluster, without leases.
schema_changes Contains information about schema changes in your cluster.
session_trace Contains session trace information for your cluster.
session_variables Contains information about session variables in your cluster.
table_columns Contains information about table columns in your cluster.
table_indexes Contains information about table indexes in your cluster.
table_row_statistics Contains row count statistics for tables in the current database.
tables Contains information about tables in your cluster.
zones Contains information about zone configurations in your cluster.

To list the crdb_internal tables for the current database, use the following SHOW TABLES statement:

> SHOW TABLES FROM crdb_internal;
   schema_name  |         table_name          | type  | owner | estimated_row_count
  crdb_internal | backward_dependencies       | table | NULL  |                NULL
  crdb_internal | builtin_functions           | table | NULL  |                NULL
  crdb_internal | cluster_database_privileges | table | NULL  |                NULL

Querying crdb_internal tables

To get detailed information about objects, processes, or metrics related to your database, you can read from the crdb_internal table that corresponds to the item of interest.


To ensure that you can view all of the tables in crdb_internal, query the tables as a user with admin privileges.


Unless specified otherwise, queries to crdb_internal assume the current database.

For example, to return the crdb_internal table for the ranges of the movr database, you can use the following statement:

> SELECT * FROM movr.crdb_internal.ranges;
  range_id |                                                                         start_key                                                                          |                                        start_pretty                                         |                                                                          end_key                                                                           |                                         end_pretty                                          | database_name |           table_name            | index_name | replicas |    replica_localities    | learner_replicas |       split_enforced_until       | lease_holder | range_size
         1 |                                                                                                                                                            | /Min                                                                                        | \004\000liveness-                                                                                                                                          | /System/NodeLiveness                                                                        |               |                                 |            | {1}      | {"region=us-east1,az=b"} | {}               | NULL                             |            1 |       8323
         2 | \004\000liveness-                                                                                                                                          | /System/NodeLiveness                                                                        | \004\000liveness.                                                                                                                                          | /System/NodeLivenessMax                                                                     |               |                                 |            | {1}      | {"region=us-east1,az=b"} | {}               | NULL                             |            1 |       9278
         3 | \004\000liveness.                                                                                                                                          | /System/NodeLivenessMax                                                                     | \004tsd                                                                                                                                                    | /System/tsd                                                                                 |               |                                 |            | {1}      | {"region=us-east1,az=b"} | {}               | NULL                             |            1 |      32377
         4 | \004tsd                                                                                                                                                    | /System/tsd                                                                                 | \004tse                                                                                                                                                    | /System/"tse"                                                                               |               |                                 |            | {1}      | {"region=us-east1,az=b"} | {}               | NULL                             |            1 |    4067446
(65 rows)

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