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CockroachDB v20.2 is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

The COPY FROM statement copies data from third-party clients to tables in your cluster.


CockroachDB currently only supports COPY FROM statements issued from third-party clients, for compatibility with PostgreSQL drivers and ORMs. COPY FROM statements cannot be issued from the cockroach SQL shell. To copy data from a file to your cluster, we recommend using an IMPORT statement instead.


COPY table_name [( <colnames...> )] FROM STDIN [WITH <option> = <value>]


Parameter Description
table_name The name of the table to which to copy data.
<colnames> The name(s) of the column(s) to which to copy data.
WITH <option> = value Specify one or more copy options.


Option Description
BINARY Copy data from binary format.
If not specified, CockroachDB copies in plaintext format. Note that CSV format is not yet supported.

Required privileges

Only members of the admin role can run COPY statements. By default, the root user belongs to the admin role.

Known limitations

COPY FROM statements are not supported in the CockroachDB SQL shell

The built-in SQL shell provided with CockroachDB (cockroach sql / cockroach demo) does not currently support importing data with the COPY statement.

To load data into CockroachDB, we recommend that you use an IMPORT. If you must use a COPY statement, you can issue the statement from the psql client command provided with PostgreSQL, or from another third-party client.

Tracking GitHub Issue

COPY syntax not supported by CockroachDB

CockroachDB does not yet support the following COPY syntax:


The following example copies data from the PostgreSQL psql client into a demo CockroachDB cluster. To follow along, make sure that you have PostgreSQL installed.

Run cockroach demo to start a temporary, in-memory cluster with the movr database preloaded:

$ cockroach demo

Take note of the (sql/tcp) connection string listed under Connection parameters in the welcome message of the demo cluster's SQL shell:

# Connection parameters:
#   (sql/tcp) postgres://root:admin@

Open a new terminal window, and connect to your demo cluster with psql, using the connection string provided for the demo cluster, with the movr database specified:

$ psql postgres://root:admin@

In the psql shell, run the following command to start copying data from psql to the users table:

> movr=# COPY users FROM STDIN;

The following prompt should appear:

Enter data to be copied followed by a newline.
End with a backslash and a period on a line by itself, or an EOF signal.

Enter some tab-delimited data that you want copied to the users table:

>> 8a3d70a3-d70a-4000-8000-00000000001d seattle Hannah  400 Broad St    0987654321
>> 9eb851eb-851e-4800-8000-00000000001e new york    Carl    53 W 23rd St    5678901234
>> \.

In the demo cluster's shell, query the users table for the rows that you just inserted:

> SELECT * FROM users WHERE id IN ('8a3d70a3-d70a-4000-8000-00000000001d', '9eb851eb-851e-4800-8000-00000000001e');
                   id                  |   city   |  name  |   address    | credit_card
  8a3d70a3-d70a-4000-8000-00000000001d | seattle  | Hannah | 400 Broad St | 0987654321
  9eb851eb-851e-4800-8000-00000000001e | new york | Carl   | 53 W 23rd St | 5678901234
(2 rows)

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