Congratulations on starting your CockroachDB Enterprise Trial! With it, you'll not only get access to CockroachDB's core capabilities like high availability and SERIALIZABLE isolation, but also our Enterprise-only features like distributed BACKUP & RESTORE, geo-partitioning, and cluster visualization.

Install CockroachDB

If you haven't already, you'll need to locally install, remotely deploy, or orchestrate CockroachDB.

Enable Enterprise features

As the CockroachDB root user, open the built-in SQL shell in insecure or secure mode, as per your CockroachDB setup. In the following example, we assume that CockroachDB is running in insecure mode.

$ cockroach sql --insecure

If you've secured your deployment, you'll need to include the flags for your certificates instead of the --insecure flag.

Now, use the SET CLUSTER SETTING command to set the name of your organization and the license key:

>  SET CLUSTER SETTING cluster.organization = 'Acme Company'; SET CLUSTER SETTING enterprise.license = 'xxxxxxxxxxxx';

Then verify your organization in response to the following query:

>  SHOW CLUSTER SETTING cluster.organization;

Use Enterprise features

Your cluster now has access to all of CockroachDB's enterprise features for the length of the trial:

Getting help

If you or your team need any help during your trial, our engineers are available on Gitter, our forum, or GitHub.

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