Install CockroachDB

See Release Notes for what's new in the latest release, v2.0.7.

  1. Download the CockroachDB archive for OS X, and extract the binary:

    $ curl | tar -xz
  2. Copy the binary into your PATH so it's easy to execute cockroach commands from any shell:

    cp -i cockroach-v2.0.7.darwin-10.9-amd64/cockroach /usr/local/bin/

    If you get a permissions error, prefix the command with sudo.

  3. Keep up-to-date with CockroachDB releases and best practices:

What's Next?

Quick start a single- or multi-node cluster locally and talk to it via the built-in SQL client.

By default, each node of a CockroachDB cluster periodically shares anonymous usage details with Cockroach Labs. For an explanation of the details that get shared and how to opt-out of reporting, see Diagnostics Reporting.

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