There are four ways to install CockroachDB on macOS. See Release Notes for what's new in the latest release, v1.0.3.

Download the Binary

  1. Download the CockroachDB v1.0.3 archive for OS X.

  2. Extract the binary:

    $ tar xfz cockroach-v1.0.3.darwin-10.9-amd64.tgz
  3. Move the binary into your PATH so it's easy to execute cockroach commands from any shell:

    cp -i cockroach-v1.0.3.darwin-10.9-amd64/cockroach /usr/local/bin

    If you get a permissions error, prefix the command with sudo.

  4. Make sure the CockroachDB executable works:

    $ cockroach version
  5. Get future release notes emailed to you:

What's Next?

Quick start a single- or multi-node cluster locally and talk to it via the built-in SQL client.

By default, each node of a CockroachDB cluster periodically shares anonymous usage details with Cockroach Labs. For an explanation of the details that get shared and how to opt-out of reporting, see Diagnostics Reporting.

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