Cockroach Labs supports the current stable release and two releases prior. Therefore, this version will no longer be supported after the Spring 2020 release.

January 29, 2020

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Docker image

$ docker pull cockroachdb/cockroach-stable:v2.1.11

Admin UI changes

  • CockroachDB v2.1.0 included security updates that inadvertently caused some Admin UI pages requiring table details to not display. These pages display properly once again. #44194

Bug fixes

  • Fixed panics caused by certain window functions that operate on tuples. #43118
  • Prevented rare cases of infinite looping on database files written with a CockroachDB version earlier than v2.1.9. #43255
  • EXPLAIN can now be used with statements that use AS OF SYSTEM TIME. #43306
  • Fixed a panic when a log truncation took place concurrently with a replica being added to a Raft group. #43314
  • Migrating the privileges on the table no longer creates a deadlock during a cluster upgrade. #43633


This release includes 6 merged PRs by 7 authors.

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