What's New in v2.1.0-rc.1

This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

October 22, 2018

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Docker Image

$ docker pull cockroachdb/cockroach-unstable:v2.1.0-rc.1

Enterprise edition changes

  • CHANGEFEEDs can now be configured with a minimum duration between emitted resolved timestamps. #31008
  • CHANGEFEEDs now have limited and experimental support for the AVRO format. #31143
  • CHANGEFEEDs now continue running when watched tables are ALTERed in ways that require a backfill. #31165

SQL language changes

  • EXPLAIN now always shows filter and join conditions. #31186
  • CockroachDB now supports CTEs inside views. #31051
  • CockroachDB now hints that internal errors should be reported as bugs by users. Additionally, internal errors are now collected internally and submitted (anonymized) with other node statistics when statistic collection is enabled. #31272
  • It is now possible to force a specific index for DELETE or UPDATE. #31279
  • Handle binary fields dumped by mysqldump v5.7.23 with _binary prefix. #31305
  • EXPLAIN ANALYZE <statement> is now a valid equivalent of EXPLAIN ANALYZE (DISTSQL) <statement> #31278
  • When a query references a table in information_schema and pg_catalog that is not yet implemented, this will be reported as telemetry if statistics reporting is enabled. This will help determine which features should be implemented next for compatibility. #31357

Admin UI changes

  • The Service latency: {90,99}th percentile graphs on the Overview and SQL dashboards, as well as the P50 and P99 latency numbers in the time series area sidebar, now reflect latencies of both local and distributed queries. Previously, they only included local queries. #31116
  • Links to documentation pages now open in a new tab. #31132
  • Improved the view of databases with no tables. #31231
  • Updated Jobs dashboard to make each row expandable, allowing the user to see the error message for failed jobs. #31237

Bug fixes

  • Fixed schema change rollback caused by GC TTL threshold error. #31153
  • Fixed the _admin/v1/enqueue_range debug endpoint to always respect its node_id parameter. #31087
  • CockroachDB now reports an unimplemented error when a common table expression containing INSERT/UPDATE/UPSERT/DELETE is not otherwise used in the remainder of the query. #31051
  • CockroachDB does not silently ignore WITH clauses within parentheses anymore. #31051
  • Fixed a rare scenario where a backup could incorrectly include a key for an aborted transaction. #31316
  • CockroachDB now avoids repeatedly trying a replica that was found to be in the process of being added. #31250
  • CockroachDB will no longer fail in unexpected ways or write invalid data when the type of input values provided to INSERT/UPSERT does not match the type of the target columns. #31280
  • UPDATE now verifies the column constraints before CHECK constraints, for compatibility with PostgreSQL. #31280
  • It is no longer possible to use not-fully-added-yet columns in the RETURNING clause of UPDATE statements. #31280
  • CockroachDB no longer (incorrectly and silently) accepts a computed column on the left side of the assignment in an ON CONFLICT clause. #31280
  • CockroachDB no longer (incorrectly and silently) accepts a not-fully-added-yet column on the left side of the assignment in an ON CONFLICT clause. #31280
  • CockroachDB no longer (incorrectly and silently) ignores the HAVING clause on SELECT without FROM. #31347
  • The Range Debug page now handle cases in which there is no lease start or expiration time. #31367

Build changes

  • CockroachDB can now be built from source on macOS 10.14 (Mojave). #31308

Doc Updates


This release includes 55 merged PRs by 21 authors.

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