What's New in v2.1.0-beta.20181001

October 1, 2018

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Security bug fix

  • Fixed a vulnerability in which TLS certificates were not validated correctly for internal RPC interfaces. This vulnerability could allow an unauthenticated user with network access to read and write to the cluster. #30821

SQL language changes

  • The entries in the replicas column of the crdb_internal.ranges virtual table are now always sorted by store ID.
  • The EXPERIMENTAL_RELOCATE statement no longer temporarily increases the number of replicas in a range more than one above the range's replication factor, preventing rare edge cases of unavailability.

Command-line changes

  • The --log-dir, --log-dir-max-size, --log-file-max-size, and --log-file-verbosity flags are now only available for the cockroach start and cockroach demo commands. Previously, these flags were available for other commands but rarely used or functional. #30341

Admin UI changes

  • The new SQL Query Errors graph on the SQL dashboard shows the number of queries that returned a runtime or execution error. #30371
  • Hovering over a truncated entry in the Events panel now shows the full description of the event. #30391

Bug fixes

  • The cockroach demo command now runs with replication disabled. #30517
  • The Jobs page now sorts by Creation Time by default instead of by User. #30428
  • Fixed a panic in the optimizer code when generator functions such as generate_series() are used as the argument to an aggregate function. #30362
  • Corrected the help text for EXPORT. #30425
  • Ignored more unsupported clauses in IMPORT ... PGDUMP. #30425
  • Fixed IMPORT of empty or small tables under rare conditions. #30425
  • Fixed a panic when generator functions such as unnest() are used in the SELECT list with GROUP BY. #30462
  • Fixed a panic caused by columns being reordered when using UPSERT with a RETURNING clause. #30467
  • Fixed a panic when a correlated subquery in the WHERE clause contains an aggregate function referencing the outer query. This now causes an error since aggregates are not allowed in WHERE. #30522
  • Corrected the list of permitted values printed when a non-permitted value is set for the distsql session variable. #30631

Performance improvements

  • Removed unnecessary synchronous disk writes caused by erroneous logic in the Raft implementation. #30459
  • Range replicas are now automatically rebalanced throughout the cluster to even out the amount of QPS being handled by each node by default. Previously, this was available as a cluster setting but was not the default behavior. #30649


This release includes 56 merged PRs by 19 authors.

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