January 27, 2020

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Docker image

$ docker pull cockroachdb/cockroach-stable:v19.1.7

Bug fixes

  • Some incorrect issue links referenced to by error hints have been corrected. #43234
  • Prevented rare cases of infinite looping on database files written with a CockroachDB version earlier than v2.1.9. #43253
  • Changefeeds now emit backfill row updates for a dropped column when the table descriptor drops that column. #43037
  • EXPLAIN can now be used with statements that use AS OF SYSTEM TIME. #43305
  • Fixed a bug that caused some jobs to be left indefinitely in a pending state and never run. #43416
  • Migrating the privileges on the system.lease table no longer creates a deadlock during a cluster upgrade. #43508
  • Fixed a bug in the parsing logic for server.host_based_authentication.configuration, where both single-character strings and quoted strings containing spaces and separated by commas were not properly parsed. This would cause rules for usernames consisting of a single character or usernames containing spaces to apply improperly. #43812
  • A SQL row write that is re-issued after already succeeding no longer throws a duplicate key error when the previous write in its transaction deleted the row. #43942
  • Fixed a changefeed bug where a resolved timestamp might be published before all events that precede it have been published in the presence of a range merge. #44082
  • Converted a panic when using collated strings to an error. #44119

Performance improvements

  • A transaction running into multiple intents from an abandoned conflicting transaction now cleans them up more efficiently. #43589


This release includes 11 merged PRs by 7 authors.

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