May 20, 2019

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Docker image

$ docker pull cockroachdb/cockroach:v19.1.1

Enterprise edition changes

  • CHANGEFEEDs now accept a key_in_value option; this is automatically used for cloud storage sinks, making the primary key of deleted rows recoverable. #37328

SQL language changes

Bug fixes

  • Prevented panics when adding comments to database objects at high verbosity. #37325
  • Fixed panics when trying to run certain SHOW commands via the pgwire prepare path. #37325
  • Fixed a regression in 19.1 that prevented empty arrays from being accepted over pgwire. #37398
  • While a cluster is unavailable (e.g., during a network partition), memory and goroutines used for authenticating connections no longer leak when the client closes said connections. #36177
  • Fixed a possible panic while recovering from a WAL on which a sync operation failed. #37109
  • Fixed an error which could occur when a zigzag join was performed against a table with dropped columns. #37245
  • Fixed incorrect query plans/results when non-validated FK constraints are not satisfied by the data. #37253
  • CHANGEFEEDs now retry instead of causing errors in more situations. #37092
  • Fixed a bug where CHANGEFEED job progress would regress when the job was restarted. #37091
  • The changefeed.max_behind_nanos metric now has fewer false positives of changefeeds falling behind. #37048
  • Corrected the names of some columns for tables created with CREATE TABLE <name> AS <query>. #37238
  • Fixed a bug causing unvalidated check constraints to disappear from the output of SHOW CONSTRAINTS and to not be referenced in ALTER TABLE after upgrading to 19.1. #37462

Performance improvements

  • Improved the performance of some queries containing predicates with constant functions, since these functions are now evaluated earlier during query optimization. #37234
  • Improved the performance of some queries by teaching the optimizer to always prefer constrained scans over unconstrained scans. #37235

Doc updates

  • Updated the Kubernetes tutorials for running CockroachDB on GKE to specify a reasonable machine type. Also updated the Helm-specific instructions for maintenance tasks (adding/removing nodes, upgrading a cluster).#4813 #4805
  • Fixed the code sample in Build a PHP App with CockroachDB to not create new connections for each query. #4804.


This release includes 28 merged PRs by 14 authors.

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