What's New in v19.1.0-beta.20190304

This version of CockroachDB is no longer supported. For more details, see the Release Support Policy.

March 4, 2019

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Docker image

$ docker pull cockroachdb/cockroach-unstable:v19.1.0-beta.20190304

Enterprise edition changes

  • Added a GSS auth method configurable by the server.host_based_authentication.configuration cluster setting. This supports the new ability to use an external enterprise directory system like Active Directory for authentication in a CockroachDB cluster. Detailed usage guidance is coming soon. #34772

SQL language changes

  • CockroachDB now supports the syntax TIME(6), TIMESTAMP(6) and TIMESTAMPTZ(6) / TIMESTAMP(6) WITH TIME ZONE, for compatibility with PostgreSQL. Only the value 6 is supported, which is also the default in PostgreSQL. When used for a table column definition, the precision is not stored, and it is not possible to distinguish types with and without specified precisions in the introspection metadata. #35128
  • CHECK constraints can now be applied to columns when they are first added to a table with ALTER TABLE ... ADD COLUMN. #35018
  • CockoachDB no longer supports AS OF SYSTEM TIME interval expressions less than 1 microsecond in the past. #34547
  • When the JSON ? operator is used to compare a JSON string and a string that are equal, CockroachDB now returns true, for compatibility with PostgreSQL. #35005
  • Specific implementations of join can now be forced by inserting HASH, MERGE, or LOOKUP between the type of join (INNER | LEFT | RIGHT | FULL) and the JOIN keyword. #35183
  • CockroachDB now supports SHOW SEQUENCES to list the sequences in a given database or the current database, alongside SHOW TABLES, which was already able to list both tables and views. #35215
  • Added the sql.stats.experimental_automatic_collection.fraction_idle cluster setting to control the throttling of automatic statistics. #34928

Admin UI changes

  • Added a debug page that breaks down CPU usage by query (some restrictions apply). #35147

Bug fixes

  • The columns confupdtype, confdeltype and confmatchtype in pg_constraint now report the foreign key constraint parameters properly, for compatibility with PostgreSQL clients that use them. #35052
  • Fixed a panic that could occur when using logspy tracing in some circumstances. #34936
  • Fixed a panic related to cached plans. #35027
  • Fixed CREATE STATISTICS to run at the correct timestamp when it is specified with AS OF SYSTEM TIME. #35139
  • CockroachDB again properly reports when a database used during PREPARE does not exist any more when EXECUTE is used. #35151
  • The logical plans collected for display in the web UI now hide the details of which key ranges are scanned in table lookups. #34902
  • Fixed a panic that could occur via certain patterns of folding CASE statements containing NULL values. #35188
  • Fixed a bug that would return errors when handling valid UPDATEs during periods of an index creation schema change. #35157

Performance improvements

  • Increased write throughput for workloads that write large numbers of intents by coalescing intent resolution requests across transactions. #34803
  • Reduced write-amplification during bulk-loading (IMPORT and RESTORE). #34886
  • Increased the rebalancing and up-replication default rate from 2MB to 8MB. #35100
  • Reduced the impact of bulk data ingestion on foreground traffic by controlling RocksDB flushes. #34800

Doc updates


This release includes 89 merged PRs by 18 authors. We would like to thank the following contributors from the CockroachDB community:

  • David L√≥pez (first-time contributor)
  • lanzao (first-time contributor)
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