Release Support Policy

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This page explains Cockroach Labs' policy for supporting production releases of CockroachDB Self-Hosted. For clusters deployed in Cloud, refer to the CockroachDB Cloud Support and Upgrade Policy.

There are two support types: GA and LTS (Long-Term Support). Each patch release of CockroachDB is assigned one of these types. The default is GA, unless otherwise specified.

Initially, a major release series has GA support. After the series demonstrates a continuously high level of stability and performance, new patch releases are designated as LTS releases, which provide extended support windows. Specifically, the distinction determines the time spans of a release’s support phases: Maintenance Support, Assistance Support, and EOL (End of Life).

Support Phases

  • Maintenance Support: Cockroach Labs will produce regular patch releases that include critical security fixes and resolutions to problems identified by users.

  • Assistance Support: Immediately follows the Maintenance Support period. During this period, the following guidelines apply:

    • New enhancements will not be made to the major release.
    • Cockroach Labs will continue to add critical security fixes to the major release in the form of patch releases.
    • Patch releases for the purpose of resolving bugs or other errors may no longer be made to the major release.
    • Cockroach Labs may direct customers to workarounds or other fixes applicable to the reported case.
    • Cockroach Labs may direct customers to upgrade to a later version of the product, to resolve or further troubleshoot an issue.
  • End of Life (EOL): Following the assistance support period, Cockroach Labs will no longer provide any support for the release.

Support Types

  • GA Support: The default support type for production releases, starting with the initial production release of a major version, followed by each subsequent patch release before LTS releases begin for that major version.
    • Maintenance support ends:
      • 365 days after the day of the first production release of the major version (i.e. the ‘GA release,’ ending in .0).
    • Assistance support ends:
      • 180 days after the Maintenance Support end date of the release.
    • Major versions prior to v23.1 will not have LTS releases.
  • LTS (Long-Term Support): Conferred to an initial LTS maintenance release of a given major version and its subsequent maintenance releases. LTS provides extended support windows while also indicating our highest level of expected release stability and performance.
    • Maintenance support ends:
      • 365 days after the day of the first LTS release of the major version.
    • Assistance support ends:
      • 365 days after the Maintenance Support end date of the release.

Current supported releases

As of v19.1, Cockroach Labs uses a three-component calendar versioning scheme. Prior releases use a different versioning scheme. For more details, see Release Naming.

Date format: YYYY-MM-DD

Major Version Patch Versions Support Type Initial Release Maintenance Support ends Assistance Support ends
v24.1 * v24.1.0+ GA 2024-05-20 2025-05-20 2025-11-20
v23.2 * v23.2.0+ GA 2024-02-05 2025-02-05 2025-08-05
v23.1 23.1.12+ LTS 2023-11-13 2024-11-13 2025-11-13
v23.1 v23.1.0 - 23.1.11 GA 2023-05-15 2024-05-15 2024-11-15
v22.2 v22.2.0+ GA 2022-12-05 2023-12-05 2024-06-05

*  : This major version will receive LTS patch releases, which will be listed on an additional row, upon their availability.

End-of-life (EOL) releases

The following releases are no longer supported.

Major Version Patch Versions Support Type Initial Release Maintenance Support ended Assistance Support ended
v22.1 v22.1.0+ GA 2022-05-24 2023-05-24 2023-11-24
v21.2 v21.2.0+ GA 2021-11-16 2022-11-16 2023-05-16
v21.1 v21.1.0+ GA 2021-05-18 2022-05-18 2022-11-18
v20.2 v20.2.0+ GA 2020-11-10 2021-11-10 2022-05-10
v20.1 v20.1.0+ GA 2020-05-12 2021-05-12 2021-11-12
v19.2 v19.2.0+ GA 2019-11-12 2020-11-12 2021-05-12
v19.1 v19.1.0+ GA 2019-04-30 2020-04-30 2020-10-30
v2.1 v2.1.0+ GA 2018-10-30 2019-10-30 2020-04-30
v2.0 v2.0.0+ GA 2018-04-04 2019-04-04 2019-10-04
v1.1 v1.1.0+ GA 2017-10-12 2018-10-12 2019-04-12
v1.0 v1.0.0+ GA 2017-05-10 2018-05-10 2018-11-10

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