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On a secure cluster, you must be an admin user to access this area of the DB Console. Refer to DB Console security.

The Advanced Debug page of the DB Console provides links to advanced monitoring and troubleshooting reports and cluster configuration details. To view this page, access the DB Console and click Advanced Debug in the left-hand navigation.


These pages are experimental and largely undocumented. If you find an issue, let us know through these channels.

Required privileges

To view the Advanced Debug page, and work with the debugging and profiling endpoints hosted on this page, the user must be a member of the admin role or must have the VIEWDEBUG system privilege defined.

License and node information

On the right-side of the page, the following information is displayed:

  • License type: Determines if you have access to Enterprise features.
  • Web server: Indicates the node currently serving your DB Console web session, and allows you to select a different node if desired. To cancel your selection of a different node, click Reset. You may also specify this directly in the URL with the remote_node_id parameter. For example, use http://<host>:<http-port>/?remote_node_id=2 to select node 2. The node selected here is also set as the target node for the Profiling UI section.


The following debug reports are useful for monitoring and troubleshooting CockroachDB:

Report Description Access level
Custom Time Series Chart Create a custom chart of time series data. All users.
Problem Ranges View ranges in your cluster that are unavailable, under-replicated, slow, paused, or have other problems. On secure clusters, admin user or a SQL user with the VIEWCLUSTERMETADATA system privilege.
Data Distribution and Zone Configs View the distribution of table data across nodes and verify zone configuration. On secure clusters, admin user or a SQL user with the VIEWCLUSTERMETADATA system privilege.
Statement Diagnostics History Diagnostic bundles for all statements executed on the cluster. On secure clusters, admin user only.


The following configuration settings are useful for monitoring and troubleshooting CockroachDB:

Configuration Description Access level
Cluster Settings View cluster settings and their configured values. All users can view data according to their privileges.
Localities Check node localities for your cluster. All users.

Even More Advanced Debugging

The Even More Advanced Debugging section of the page lists advanced troubleshooting tools and reports that are generally of interest to CockroachDB developers and contributors, such as the Key Visualizer, a tool for visualizing read and write traffic across your keyspace.

If you want to learn more about the tools in this section, contact us through these channels.

Raw Status Endpoints (JSON)


These endpoints are deprecated in favor of the Cluster API.

Depending on your access level, the endpoints listed here provide access to:

  • Log files
  • Metrics
  • Node status
  • Hot ranges
  • Node-specific metrics
  • Session data
  • Cluster-wide range data
  • Allocator runs

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