System Catalogs

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CockroachDB includes a set of system catalogs that provide non-stored data to client applications.

The following system catalogs are available as schemas preloaded to every database:

  • information_schema, a schema provided for compatibility with the SQL standard.
  • crdb_internal, a schema with information about CockroachDB internals.
  • pg_catalog, a schema provided for compatibility with PostgreSQL.
  • pg_extension, a schema catalog with information about CockroachDB extensions.

Tables in the system catalogs have varying levels of stability. Not all system catalog tables are meant for programmatic purposes. For more information, see API Support Policy.

To see all of the system catalogs for the current database, you can use a SHOW SCHEMAS statement:

     schema_name     | owner
  crdb_internal      | NULL
  information_schema | NULL
  pg_catalog         | NULL
  pg_extension       | NULL
  public             | admin
(5 rows)

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