Service Level Commitment

Where Cockroach Labs has agreed to provide you with Technical Service Level Agreement with respect to Services in accordance with these terms, Cockroach Labs will use commercially reasonable efforts to maximize the availability of those specific Services as provided hereunder. In the event of Services Downtime (as defined below), you may be eligible to receive a Service Credit as set forth below. Cockroach Labs may update this Cockroach Labs Technical Service Level Agreement from time to time by posting those updates to this page. This Cockroach Labs Technical Service Level Agreement does not apply to Beta Services.

Service Credits

Monthly Uptime Percentage Service Credit
Less than 99.95% but equal to or greater than 99% 5%
Less than 99% but equal to or greater than 97% 10%
Less than 97% but equal to or greater than 95% 30%

Service Credits are issued at Cockroach Labs’ sole reasonable discretion in accordance with this Technical SLA. Claims for a Service Credit will be approved or declined within 45 days of receipt. Service Credits can only be applied to a future invoice or payment for the cluster that experienced the Downtime. Service Credits will not be applied to fees for any other cluster and will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Measurement Procedures

Cockroach Labs uses commercially reasonable efforts to measure downtime by running twelve Probes per minute (one every five seconds). A cluster is considered available if it returns the expected results within three seconds and a failed Probe is measured as being equal to five seconds of Downtime. If a cluster is provisioned and running for only part of a calendar month, such cluster is deemed to be 100% available during the portion of the month in which it was not provisioned and running.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a Service Credit you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • You must be a Paid Tier customer and have had a Qualifying Cluster during the applicable time period to which the Service Credit relates;
  • You must log a support ticket with Cockroach Labs within 24 hours of first becoming aware of any Downtime and reasonably assist Cockroach Labs in investigating the cause of the Downtime;
  • You must submit a claim and all required information by the end of the month immediately following the month in which the Downtime occurred. Your claim must include all information Cockroach Labs reasonably requires to validate the claim, including without limitation (i) a description of the events resulting in Downtime (including documentation of errors to validate Company claimed outage, with any confidential or sensitive information redacted), (ii) information regarding the time and duration of the Downtime, (iii) the number and location of affected users (if applicable), and (iv) description of attempt(s) to resolve the Downtime at the time(s) of occurrence; and
  • You must be in full compliance with the terms of your Agreement with Cockroach Labs for use of the Services as well as applicable Cockroach Labs documentations, best practices, and advice from the Cockroach Lab’s support team.


“Downtime” means the time that your cluster is not measured as available by us in a particular month. Downtime excludes any and all Excluded Downtime.

“Excluded Downtime” means any performance issue, error, or unavailability of the Services or a cluster resulting from (i) Company’s or any third party’s misuse of the Services, negligence, or willful actions or omissions, (ii) factors outside of Cockroach Labs’ reasonable control, including widespread internet outages or access issues or any force majeure event, (iii) failures in Company’s or a third party’s security controls or practices (including unauthorized use of your access logins or equipment), (iv) insufficient computer or storage capacity for Company’s database workload, (v) your or any third party’s equipment, software, or other technology, or (vi) routine, scheduled or emergency maintenance of the Services; (vii) failure to follow documented best Services best practices as described in Cockroach Labs’ documentation available at, and (viii) any Probes made to nodes that are not Qualifying Clusters, provided that references to “third party” in the foregoing exclude any third party within Cockroach Labs’ direct control.

“Monthly Uptime Percentage” means the total number of seconds in a particular month minus the number of seconds of Downtime in that month, divided by the total number of seconds in that month.

(total seconds in month-Downtime)total seconds in a month

“Probe” means a statement that is similar to the SHOW DATABASES statement.

“Qualifying Cluster” means a cluster with three or more nodes provisioned across three or more availability zones.

“Service Credit” means the percentage of applicable monthly Service Fees that is credited hereunder to an eligible account pursuant to a valid and approved Company claim.