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Case Study

TuneGO architects from the beginning for scale & resilience

Startups are building from the beginning for scale & resilience

Every startup has a choice: Begin building with something familiar (Postgres, MySQL…) or begin building with something new (CockroachDB). On the surface this looks like a simple decision: start building faster with a familiar database. When you peel the onion back one more layer and it becomes clear why so many growth-stage companies are deciding to start with CockroachDB rather than Postgres or MySQL.

Why TuneGO chose CockroachDB

There is an open-minded, fearless engineering ethos at TuneGO that is similar to a lot of growth-stage companies. They want to push technical boundaries, try new technologies, and make decisions based on data, not familiarity. At the same time, they want to build fast and bring their ideas to life in a hurry.

CockroachDB’s distributed SQL infrastructure is a competitive advantage for TuneGO because it delivers users all over the world an optimal experience while asking less of the engineers. Automatic sharding means engineers are free to tackle other projects, and TuneGO can stay lean as an organization.

What makes CockroachDB a uniquely perfect fit for growth-stage companies like TuneGO is the fact that it gives engineers these modern capabilities, but it also speaks the familiar PostgreSQL dialect, and it’s compatible with so many developer-friendly tools like Django, GORM, FlywayDB, jOOQ, and others.

Read the full case study to learn more. And check out our community slack if you have additional questions:  https://cockroa.ch/slack

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