Distributed Tracing and Performance Monitoring in CockroachDB
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Distributed Tracing and Performance Monitoring in CockroachDB

Distributed Tracing And Performance Monitoring In CockroachDB

When you’re working with distributed systems, data storage and retrieval aren’t as straightforward as they are in legacy monolithic databases. This comes with advantages like resilience and high availability, but it means that performance monitoring of a given transaction can be challenging. Query execution is often an extremely complex web of interactions. Following and analyzing performance bottlenecks in this environment can be difficult and sometimes frustrating to get to the root cause.

In Kubernetes, this challenge has been solved using distributed tracing. Companies like Lightstep are leading the way to simplify observability analysis for these complex environments. At Cockroach Labs, we added distributed tracing for transactions as an option in CockroachDB 20.1.

In this video, Senior Product Manager Piyush Singh points a TPCC workload at a CockroachDB cluster and walks through how to troubleshoot queries directly in the Admin UI.

To learn more about distributed tracing and how to troubleshoot your query, check out our docs on diagnostics reporting in CockroachDB. 


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