Happy GDPR Day

Happy GDPR Day

May 25, 2018 has loomed over businesses for two years as the day the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect––and that day has finally arrived. If the number of "Updates to Our Privacy Policy" emails I've received in the last week are any indication, people are still hard at work trying to make GDPR compliance happen.

However, unlike the cleanly cut deadline of filing your taxes, meeting GDPR's regulations isn't something most companies will complete today. According to Crowd Search Partners' GDPR report, as many as 60% of companies, as of today, fail to comply.

What that means is that if you're not already there, there's still time.

In that spirit, Cockroach Labs is planning to release more GDPR-related content in the coming weeks. We've already talked about what globe-spanning data looks like, but we'll also have information about what it means for databases to comply with GDPR (and why it's a hard thing for most to do), along with practical guidance for making GDPR compliance a reality for your apps.

In the Meantime...

Because it's not too late to start working toward a better GDPR solution, we think it's worth mentioning that CockroachDB can help teams achieve their compliance goals with our geo-partitioning feature, which lets you control the physical layout of your table data.

To get a sense of how, check out this small segment from Kindred's architect Kai Niemi (who oversees one of the world's largest online gaming and gambling platforms with millions of players in the EU and Australia):

If you're interested in learning more, check out our documentation on geo-partitioning and play around with the feature by starting a 30-day trial of CockroachDB Self-hosted.

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