DBmarlin helps CockroachDB customers optimize performance

DBmarlin helps CockroachDB customers optimize performance

When the performance of your SQL database drops suddenly, do you know why?

Tracking performance and linking cause to effect can be tricky with real-world database systems. DBAs, architects, and SREs are often working with multiple database systems, each with multiple databases in various states of development, testing, and production. These systems are often mixed between one or more cloud providers and self-hosted servers. On top of that, the performance of each database is influenced by auto-scaling, constantly-shifting workloads, engineering changes and updates, and more!

That’s a lot of complexity. And that means when there’s a drop in your database’s performance, it can be hard to identify the cause. Any of those factors, or any combination of those factors, might be responsible!

Finding the answer fast is critical when you’re working at scale, where even small changes in performance have a significant financial impact. Ideally, you want to work with tools that can give you:

  • Highly performant, resilient, and scalable databases
  • Real-time monitoring that shows you what’s causing performance changes
  • Familiar, easy-to-use interfaces that the whole team can work with

That’s what makes CockroachDB and DBmarlin such a powerful combination. With CockroachDB or CockroachDB Dedicated, you get an unkillable database that offers top-tier performance with minimal engineering effort. DBmarlin gives you real-time performance tracking and an easy interface for identifying performance and change issues that integrates smoothly with CockroachDB and many other database systems, providing you with a single source of truth for all database performance tracking.

Improve database performance, resilience, and scalability with CockroachDB

CockroachDB is a cloud-native distributed SQL database. It offers blazing-fast performance without sacrificing consistency, and unkillable resiliency without labor-intensive manual sharding.

CockroachDB is built for mission-critical transaction processing up to a global scale, with the ability to tie data by table or even by row to specific locations to improve performance, comply with local data regulatory requirements, or both. And it’s built with a truly elastic architecture so that you never have to worry about scaling – the database distributes data and workloads automatically for optimal price and performance.

CockroachDB is available as a managed cloud solution or self-hosted, and it offers multi-cloud support so that you’re never locked in with a single cloud provider. Best of all, you can spin up your first CockroachDB Dedicated cluster in just a few minutes.

Monitor everything in one place with DBmarlin

CockroachDB offers a great monitoring UI, but it only shows how your CockroachDB databases are performing. What about company databases that run on other systems, such as Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres or MySQL? DBmarlin gives you a single source of truth – one monitoring platform that tracks changes and performance across all of your databases to help you diagnose problems faster and make optimizations easier.

DBmarlin was built by a team that’s been innovating in the database monitoring space for more than 20 years. It offers full support for CockroachDB Dedicated and CockroachDB as well as other popular database systems, including Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, and Microsoft SQL Server. Like CockroachDB, it supports multi-cloud and mixed cloud and self-hosted setups.

Most importantly, DBmarlin offers an intuitive visual interface that helps you prioritize operations and optimizations by highlighting your top SQL statements, users, programs, clients and sessions. And whenever there’s a database performance change, DBmarlin helps you find the cause by linking database performance changes to changes in your schema, queries, or infrastructure.

DBmarlin is designed to be easy to use so that everyone can understand how their changes are impacting the database’s performance. Users can drill down into the specific details such as the comparative plans for different SQL statements to optimize performance. DBmarlin can even link performance drops to events like code deployments or infrastructure changes.

DBmarlin was also built with your existing workflows in mind, and it integrates with popular tools including Instana, Jenkins, and Neoload.

Get up and running in minutes, enjoy optimized performance forever

Setting up a CockroachDB cluster and monitoring with DBmarlin is designed to be as simple as possible. It takes less than five minutes to spin up your first CockroachDB Dedicated cluster. DBmarlin is similarly quick – just download and install on Windows or Linux, point the sensor to your CockroachDB cluster, and start capturing data!

Best of all, this is just the beginning. The DBmarlin and CockroachDB teams are working together to ensure that as new features are added to CockroachDB, support for them is added to DBmarlin.

Using CockroachDB and DBmarlin together is fast, easy, and future proof. Click here to get started (it’s free)!

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