Spencer Kimball

How Kindred Will Deploy CockroachDB Across Continents

by on Apr 24, 2018

Spencer Kimball, Cockroach Labs CEO & Co-Founder & Kai Niemi, CTO and Architect at Kindred Group Spencer and Kai talk about the 2+ years that Kindred’s engineering team has been working with CockroachDB (since pre-beta!). Kai gives an overview of how Kindred, an international online gaming business, is using CockroachDB and how they are using it to build their next-generation online gaming platform. Kindred was also a design partner on CockroachDB 2.

Interactive Demo of CockroachDB: Parts 1-4

by on Feb 22, 2018

In this demo 4-part video series, Cockroach Labs co-founder and CEO Spencer Kimball and Director of Community Jessica Edwards demonstrate how CockroachDB provides provides resilience and HA to an application. Video 1: CockroachDB scales from one node to three nodes and demonstrates 3-way replication and resiliency in the face of an outage. Video 2: Try this demo yourself at (Scroll down to: “Stage 2: Stand up a resilient service”).

A Multi-Cloud Demo of CockroachDB [OpenStack Summit 2017]

by on May 10, 2017

In the Interop Challenge at OpenStack Summit 2017, a single CockroachDB cluster was deployed live across 15 private cloud vendors. Cockroach Labs Co-Founder and CEO Spencer Kimball and CoreOS CEO Alex Polvi led the demo, orchestrating the deployment using Kubernetes. The multi-cloud deployment spanned globally distributed clouds that included IBM, Red Hat, VMware, Rackspace, Huawei, Canonical, EasyStack, NetApp, Open Telekom Cloud, SUSE, T2 Cloud, Vexxhost, Wind, Platform9, and ZTE.