Your use of the Service is subject to this Acceptable Use Policy (the “Policy”). We may post updates to the Policy from time to time at our discretion.  By using the Service you agree to comply with the latest version of this Policy. 

You may not use, or allow others to use the Service:

  • To engage in illegal or fraudulent activity;  
  • To violate the legal or intellectual property rights of others;
  • To engage in or promote terrorism or other harm to others;
  • To promote child sexual exploitation or abuse;
  • To distribute malware;
  • To disrupt or violate the security or integrity of any user account, service, device, data, account, or network;
  • To facilitate unsolicited mass email or other messages, promotions, advertising, or solicitations (“spam”);
  • To resell or sublicense the Service;
  • To perform or disclose network discovery, port and service identification, vulnerability scanning, password cracking, remote access, or penetration tests of the service;
  • To disable, damage, or interfere with any aspect of the Service, including circumvention of any mechanism designed to limit your use of the Service;
  • To mine any cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin or any similar currency, using free offerings. 

You can only disclose benchmarking tests if you (i) provide us the necessary information to replicate the tests, (ii) disclose the methodology for the benchmarking tests along with the results, and (iii) allow us to run our own benchmarking tests against your products and services at our discretion.

You may conduct penetration testing on your use of the Service only with prior written consent of Cockroach Labs. As used herein, "penetration testing" refers to any activity performed to identify, evaluate, or test the security or stability features and controls of any Cockroach Labs' products or services, including vulnerabilities therein. You acknowledge and agree that Cockroach Labs may use shared infrastructure to host your use of the Service with other Cockroach Labs customers. You shall use commercially reasonable efforts to limit any penetration testing to your use of the Service or your instances and to avoid unintended impacts on other Cockroach Labs customers.