Distributed SQL: a modern, cloud-native PostgreSQL image

Distributed SQL: a modern, cloud-native PostgreSQL

Published Thursday, Jun 18, 2020

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Many deploy PostgreSQL on the cloud and look to scale it to meet the growing demand for their applications. Some are even looking to use it with microservice application architectures, however, this does not come without challenges. A modern concept in database design has emerged to ease this transition. 

A Distributed SQL database, such as CockroachDB, is designed to deliver effortless and elastic cloud scale while guaranteeing transactions. It is a database that reimagines the execution and storage layers while allowing you, the developer, to still use familiar SQL syntax.
Please join us in this webinar where we will walk through the architecture and a demo of a distributed database. We’ll give you a look at the internals of this database and how it is built to be “cloud-native” and the right choice for your future apps and services.  
We will present an architecture review and a demo that walks through: 
  • The Raft distributed consensus protocol and MVCC
  • Replication and distribution of data to deliver scale and resilience
  • How to get distributed but consistent transactions
  • Meeting latency challenges in broadly distributed environments
  • Using the db to tie data to a location to meet compliance requirements


Jim Walker
Jim Walker
VP of Product Marketing
Cockroach Labs

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