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Focus on data, not your database

A hassle-free SQL database

Free yourself from database frustration and manual tasks. Give your apps a powerful, distributed platform.

Give your apps real-time capacity

Automated scale without breaking your budget

Storage and transactional volumes automatically scale up or down to meet your app demands. Only pay for the capacity you use—and never for idle servers.

Rely on relational schema

Familiar SQL interface, compatible with Postgres

Don’t sacrifice developer familiarity or transactional consistency. Use standard SQL and invest your time efficiently with relational schema.

CockroachDB: Built for ultimate developer productivity

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Connect to the secure connection string and begin building.

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Build for free up to 5 GiB and 50M RUs, without entering a credit card.

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Use relational SQL

Get referential integrity, secondary indexes and standard SQL syntax.

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Postgres Compatible

Use a familiar language including Postgres drivers and ORMS.

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Auto-replicated Data

Fight downtime with inherent resilience.

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Online Schema Changes

Make schema changes in production with no downtime.

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CockroachDB Serverless

  • Autoscaling configuration of CockroachDB

  • Free up to 50 million RU/month and 5 GiB storage

  • Consumption-based pricing