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CockroachDB is available on the following global marketplaces, giving you the ability to expedite the sales process, digitize procurement and legal, as well as lighten the load on vendor management.


Cloud Marketplaces

CockroachDB or Cockroach Cloud is available on AWS Marketplace, making it easy for your organization to test, buy, and deploy both.

Try CockroachDB for free for 30 days

Deploy, operate and scale CockroachDB or Cockroach Cloud via the Google Cloud Marketplace in just a few clicks.

Try CockroachDB for free for 30 days

Accelerate the pace of development at your organization by simplifying billing and seamlessly deploying CockroachDB or Cockroach Cloud today.

Try CockroachDB for free for 30 days

Hybrid Cloud Marketplaces

Access CockroachDB and take advantage of responsive support, streamlined billing and contracting, simplified governance, and single-dashboard visibility across clouds. Plus, CockroachDB is Red Hat Operator certified.

Try CockroachDB for free for 30 days

Tap into the power of CockroachDB through the VMware Marketplace, and start building modern applications on a resilient database that works the way you do.

Try CockroachDB for free for 30 days

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