CockroachDB on Red Hat OpenShift in the Cloud of Your Choice

Scale containerized applications on a flexible and distributed infrastructure across on-prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.



Build and Deploy Faster at Less Cost

Create fully managed CockroachDB on Red Hat OpenShift clusters on the cloud of your choice in minutes, taking advantage of the joint distributed, shared-nothing architecture that reduces deployment complexity. Enhance operational efficiency with a streamlined experience throughout your entire stack.


Scale Effortlessly to Meet Demand

Launch CockroachDB on OpenShift in the cloud provider of your choice, on demand. Automatically scale containerized applications with a consistent foundation and simpler deployment experience without complex schema configurations, manual sharding, and workarounds.


Ensure an Ideal Customer Experience

CockroachDB is built to guarantee consistent data at scale, taking advantage of AWS, Azure, and GCP regions. Ensure your containerized applications in OpenShift are backed by a database that keeps data close to customers to dramatically improve app performance.

expand to new market

Expand Easily into New Markets

Deliver higher customer value by accelerating deployment with CockroachDB on OpenShift. Run and expand to multiple clouds and regions as needed – all with a single logical CockroachDB database without re-architecting your stateful cloud-native applications.

CockroachDB is available on all major cloud provider Marketplaces

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