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CockroachDB for Startups | Cockroach Labs

So you founded a startup? That's awesome. Less awesome, though, is the overwhelming amount of stuff you have to handle with, well, very few hands. #StartupLife, right?

Your prime directive: Get to MVP. Fast. This free guide lays out the architectural considerations—drawn from real-world examples—for how any startup can rapidly reach product-market fit without amassing unnecessary technical debt along the way.

Read the guide and get:
  • Advice for avoiding technical debt
  • Architectural examples for startups
  • Distributed application architecture 101
  • Active-active vs. active-passive
  • Real-world startup use cases
  • A Postgres migration example

About the Ebook

This architecture guide for startups will teach software engineers at startup companies how to use modern application architecture to accelerate growth and product maturity—getting to MVP fast while also creating scalable infrastructure to support lasting success.